Dermal Fillers Treatment Instructions

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • It is recommended you discontinue use of Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or any other essential fatty acids or blood thinners at least 3 days to 1 week before and after treatment to minimize bruising and bleeding. Please consult your doctor if you have been prescribed any of these.
  • If you develop a cold/flu, cold sore, blemish, or rash, etc. in the area to be treated prior to your appointment, please call and reschedule.
  • If you have a special event or vacation coming up, it is recommended to schedule your treatment at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • It’s recommended that you avoid: Alcohol, caffeine, Niacin supplement, high-sodium foods, high sugar foods, refined carbohydrates (you may eat fruit), spicy foods, and cigarettes 24-48 hours before and after your treatment (All of these factors may increase risk of bruising).
  • It is recommended you discontinue Retin-A two (2-3) days before and after treatment to avoid increased redness and irritation.

What to expect during and immediately after your treatment

  • Local numbing medication in the form of a topical cream may be used to maximize your comfort during the procedure.
  • You may experience a mild amount of tenderness or stinging sensation following injection.
  • To ensure a smooth and even correction, your practitioner will massage the area treated, which may cause a temporary, minimal amount of redness to your skin.
  • Temporary, minimal to moderate swelling may be expected related to the area(s) treated and the product(s) used. Ice is recommended.
  • It may be normal to experience some tenderness at the treatment site that can last for a few hours or, at times, a couple of days.
  • It may be normal to feel a small amount of “firmness” in your treated area(s) for the first few days after treatment. This, again, may depend upon the area(s) treated and product(s) used. Over time, the area(s) will soften and “settle”, leaving you with a soft, natural looking result.

Post-Treatment Instructions

  • Apply cool compress to the area(s) treated (avoiding pressure) as this helps reduce swelling and the potential for bruising.
  • You may begin wearing makeup once you have adequately cooled/iced the area(s), as instructed and any pinpoint bleeding from the injection site(s) have subsided.
  • DO NOT rub, press, massage or manipulate the treated area(s) or 6 hours after treatment. This can cause irritation, sores, and possible scarring if you do.
  • When cleansing your face or applying make-up, use gentle, sweeping motions to avoid excessive mobility of the area(s).
  • AVOID excessive movement of the treated area(s) for the first few hours and up to 2-3 days.
  • AVOID strenuous exercise or activity for 3 days after treatment. You may resume other normal activities/routines immediately.
  • You may take acetaminophen/Tylenol if you experience any mild tenderness or discomfort. AVOID aspirin or ibuprofen products as they may increase your potential to bruise.
  • AVOID drinking alcohol for a minimum of 12 hours as this may contribute to bruising and/or swelling.
  • AVOID extended UV exposure until any redness/swelling has subsided. Apply SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to the treated area(s).
  • Please remember, “One side may heal faster than the other side.”
  • Regarding your Lips: “Don’t Love them or Hate them for 2 weeks.”