Kybella can offer results never before possible for treating under chin fat deposits.

Under chin fat can be one of the most frustrating and resistant areas on a person’s face. It doesn’t always respond well to weight loss, so diet and exercise won’t guarantee results in making it go away. While surgery and liposuction are other possible courses of action, they are also invasive with all the complications that that can entail.

Finally, thankfully, there’s an injectable, non-invasive double chin treatment via the Kybella product from Allergan. Comprising a course of deoxycholic acid injections, done over time and based on your needs or desired results. Kybella actually dissolves the fat deposits allowing for the fat to be then expelled from the body via normal processes.

What the course of treatment looks like for Kybella –

As with all cosmetic procedures we recommend that you set up a free consultation in order to get the most accurate and detailed description of the procedure and the results you can expect based upon your desired goals.

Because of the way in which Kybella works, actually dissolving the fat below your chin and allowing the body to remove this excess fat from your bloodstream, a certain amount of time must pass in order for the results to be completely evident and an accurate appraisal of what exactly is needed for your next course of treatment.

We say to allow 4 – 6 weeks for this to occur. What this means is that, if you have a specific event or special occasion that you’re planning on attending you should allow 2 or even 3 months of lead time in order to follow the properly recommended course of treatment.

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