Kybella™ is the first, and only, FDA-approved injectable designed to target submental fullness (under-chin fat). It uses a well-known synthetic form of stomach acid (deoxycholic acid) to gradually break down fat. Once fat cells are dead, your body naturally metabolizes them and flushes them out.

Until a few years ago, the only real way to reduce the appearance of that dreaded double chin was through surgical means. These days, men and women with busy lifestyles can enjoy a well-defined jawline with a simple in-office treatment called Kybella™. At Precision Aesthetics in Santa Ana, we have a resident certified injector on staff for your safety and convenience.

Your minimally-invasive Kybella™ treatment can be done in less than an hour making it an ideal ‘lunchtime’ procedure. The actual injection process takes just 15-minutes.

Remove double chin fat without surgery!

It’s important to choose a skilled injector with the extensive knowledge that comes with certification. Our highly-trained medical staff understands the precise depth and injection locations to ensure an optimal outcome without harming surrounding tissue.

In the weeks following your initial Kybella™ session, you’ll begin to see gradual improvement in your profile. Two to six procedures may be necessary to meet your end-goals. Appointments are spaced approximately 1-month apart.

Most patients find Kybella™ to be a very well-tolerated alternative to surgery. Downtime is minimal, side effects are mild to moderate, and results are long-lasting. After you’ve achieved your desired results, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits can prolong the outcome of your treatment for years to come.

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