For people with active lifestyles seeking treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, BOTOX® is the number one nonsurgical procedure requested on the market today. Millions of Americans seek BOTOX® treatments for forehead lines, furrowed brow lines, frown lines, and Crow’s feet. At Precision Aesthetics, we can help you regain a youthful, smooth appearance in just minutes with BOTOX® Cosmetics treatments.

Botox Santa Ana

How Does BOTOX® Work?

BOTOX® is a neurotoxin that blocks the neurotransmitter responsible for triggering muscle contractions. These contractions produce the repetitive crinkling of our skin that can cause lines on our forehead, between our eyebrows, and around our eyes and mouth as our expressions change.

Fast, Safe, Effective Treatments with BOTOX®

At Precision Aesthetics, our 10-minute procedure for BOTOX® treatments requires no recovery or downtime. With tiny, almost painless injections to the forehead, we can stop the movement of your corrugator and procerus muscles responsible for horizontal lines and furrowed brows. The majority of patients can achieve the results they desire in just one treatment.

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Does Botox Give Lasting Results?

The results become evident in 3-5 days, with the final outcome visible between 7-10 days. The results, in most cases, last between 4 and 6 months. Subsequent treatments can last longer, as your muscles become accustomed to the BOTOX® serum. Patients who wish to continue treatment often have 3-4 sessions in the first year, and in following years, session frequency reduces to 2 or 3.

This is the best place to have Botox Done you walk in and 2 ladies greet you with kindness then you meet Eva great lady very happy person loves what she does then there is Beth understands your need and goes out of her way for you i will keep going back.

About Precision Aesthetics

Under the direction of board-certified physician Dr. Goldstein, Precision Aesthetics specializes in cosmetic dermatology, including the application of BOTOX®, dermal fillers, and laser treatments. By focusing on the highest quality procedures and treatments, the medical staff of Precision Aesthetics is at the forefront of the latest advances in cosmetic dermatology. Their skill and experience ensure beauty enhancing treatments so natural and smooth, only your doctor will know.

I was blown away by the customer service here.. Eva is so down to earth and I felt comfortable with her immediately. This is my first time getting Botox on my face.. I feel so satisfied and can’t wait to see my results.

Take the Next Step

Ready to learn more about BOTOX® Cosmetics? Schedule a consultation with Precision Aesthetics in Santa Ana / Irvine California by filling out the request a consultation form on this page or by calling (949) 528-8073. Precision Aesthetics is located at the border of Santa Ana and Irvine, California in close proximity to the 55, 5, 73 & 405 freeways.

*Individual Results May Vary