BOTOX Injections – Cosmetic Injection – Santa Ana / Irvine

BOTOX Injections are the most popular type of cosmetic treatment in the country and there are many reasons why. Since its approval by the FDA in 2002, BOTOX has become the #1-selling product of its kind and is performed on tens of millions of patients worldwide. BOTOX injections are effective because they prevent the formation of wrinkles. The chemical properties of the botulinum toxin, which make up BOTOX injections, work on a neurological level to prevent [...]

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LATISSE® Santa Ana / Irvine

Until recently the options for enhancing and lengthening inadequate eyelashes were limited to painstakingly gluing on false lashes. While false lashes may be fine for special events, they certainly aren’t a great option for daily use. Thankfully, now there is LATISSE®. LATISSE® is the first and only FDA approved treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes). Now you can enhance your own eyelashes length, thickness and darkness to create the stunning lashes you’ve always longed for. LATISSE® is [...]

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